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Passive Protection System/Fire Stopping

Passive Protection System - FR Mortar

Fire Penetration System

Fire Rated Mortar

Mortar is a dry gypsum/solid powder comprising of in-natural parts. At the point when blended in with water, the mixes structure a profoundly thermally protecting fire fixing compound to forestall the spread of fire and smoke through openings in fire evaluated dividers and floors. This Passive Protection System will go about as a warmth sink, retaining heat from penetrate, Life anticipation of more than 25 years. Liberated from corona gens, asbestos, filaments and silica and is non poisonous. Not for load bearing.
Application regions -
Suitable for fire protecting blank openings in floors with penetratants like cable tray, pipe and duct

Fire Rated Board

Fire Rated Board consists of a high-density rock wool board which is coated with fire retardant paint on one or two sides, depending on where the fire sealing is to be carried out.The rock wool is to keep the temperature increase down, whereas the fire retardant paint is designed to prevent fire and hot gases from leaking through the mineral wool board. it is a quick way of sealing big and/or compli-cated fire seals when the fitter has some experience with the system. The fire board has been tested on all types of through-penetrations in all types of con-structions. Application areas – Suitable for fire protection in wall penetration.

Passive Protection System - 1
Passive Protection System - FR Pipe

Fire Rated Pipe Wrap

Funnel Wrap includes a plastic wrapped graphite based growing material that responds with heat that fills the pits coming about because of the liquefying plastic through. Penetration if there should arise an occurrence of a fire. The Pipe Wrap is thrown into the divider or the floor by fixing it round the through-entrance with the appended sticker. This Passive Protection System might likewise be fitted in Fire Rated Board.
Application regions - It might be utilized both for plastic channels (PVC, PP. PE ABS and Alupex), groups of plastic channels with or without links just as link bun-kicks the bucket

Fire Rated Putty

Fire Rated Putty has been intended to keep up the imperiousness to fire of gypsum/solid dividers where these are penetrated by electrical switches and attachments, divider boxes and little openings .The clay is hand functional, reusable and re-workable because of its non-setting properties. This is best fire stopping products for industries and commercial buildings. It has extra fire retardant added substances. they structure a powerful heat proof scorch that forestalls consume at the area Of electrical or pipe in filtration. This cushion are accessible in various sizes for various applications. It is additionally a perfect item for air-fixing around infiltration openings.
Application region -Fire Protection in electrical switches, attachments, divider boxes and little section of smoke, fire and sound.

Passive Protection System - 2
Passive Protection System - Fire-Stop

Fire Rated Sealants

Fire Rated Acrylic -
It is high development in tumescent sealant, this is utilized for fixing holes around a wide range of joints, infiltration seals, voids and unpredictable gaps in fire appraised structures. sticking and quick fixes in completing works in development, The sealant shapes a burn, forestalling the section of fire and smoke, when presented to the warmth of a fire. it utilized around metallic funnels, link plate, link bundles, little, medium and enormous links. Application-Fire assurance for direct holes in common and fire evaluated dry divider partions. link infiltration and little holes.
Fire Rated Graphite - It is a high weight applying, graphite based, in tumescent sealant that extends when presented to fire to secure infiltrations. counting funnels and links. It additionally keeps up the trustworthiness and protection execution of the seal. The sealant is smoke, gas and water/air proof. Enduring an onslaught conditions the item expands and applies strain to the encompassing substrates prompting conclusion of the infiltration.
Application-planned for use in a wide range of funnels and link administration infiltration through dividers and floors where fire trustworthiness and protection should be saved.
Fire Rated PU - Faom - Polyurethane Foam- is a fire arranged development froth that has especially great acoustic properties-The froth fulfills the imperviousness to fire prerequisite yet isn't in tumescent and One of the best industrially accessible decisions of protection material is, It has acceptable warm protecting properties They are utilized for fixing extension joints in structural building. They are adaptable and can be painted. It is useful for unpredictable hole. sealant to help forestall the spread of fire, smoke and harmful gas and firestop joints and through entrances through floor sections, dividers and other fire-appraised fabricating segments and congregations. This firestop sealant .Application — General hole filling for sporadic openings, hard to work regions and entryway establishment.
Fire Rated Joint Sealant - Fire Rated Silicone Sealant is a halogen free item. It is reasonable for the fixing Of age struction-Silicone sealant is a ground-breaking, adaptable item that can be utilized in a wide range of uses. It can withstand high temperatures, lifetime waterproof. superior sealant equipped for meeting the joint development prerequisites in a fire appraised joint elastomeric, single-segment, unbiased fix silicone sealant. This prepared to-utilize sealant fixes upon presentation to barometrical stickiness and structures an adaptable firestop seal for development joints and through infiltrations in fire-appraised congregations.
Application-Deal for fixing, plowing and protecting holes and breaks Gaps Cavities around electrical fittings and Mechanical holes, holes in gypsum board where a climate tight seal is required.

Passive Protection System - 3

Fire Door

Wooden, Steel and Glazed Fire and Smoke Check Doors have set up acknowledgment in Spread all through the nation as a similar meet with the legal necessities for example ali the three measure of Stability, Integrity and Thermal Insulation according to Seems to be/BS/UL standards,The Use of fire and smoke check entryways is required according to cur• lease fire laws and National Building Code Part IV-The entryways are completely manufactured in the plant in prepared to introduce condition. The provi-sions can be made during assembling to fix any equipment according to require-ments.Available in standard sizes just as redid sizes. Smooth, flush and tough structure with Vision board Available in shading conceals according to necessities. It is without asbestos. Pre-assembled prepared to introduce at site, Ready to include equipment like HMPS, alarm bar according to client necessity. Produced using aroused steel sheets. Wood fire entryway accessible .
Application-High-ascent, structures, Commercial Buildings, Cinema Halls, Auditoriums, and different Industries including Refineries.

Cable Coating

Water based intumescent cable coating for fire protection of electrical cable up to 90 minutes under hydrocarbon conditions.Cable coating is a FM Approved ,ASTM, IEEE & IEC tested White color, single compound, intumescent , non-toxic , non-hazardous, non-corrosive, water based, latex fire proofing material especially developed for the fire protection of grouped or bundled electrical cable for interior or exterior applications . It also protects the integrity of cable system for up to 90 minutes under IEC 60331-11/21 in hydrocarbon condition and non-hydrocarbon environments. It can be applied by brush or spray and it adheres extremely well to cables, old cables, cables need to repair, high voltage cables, cable coating is tested up to 90 minutes integrity rating on 5kv & 8kv voltage rating at a dry and film thickness of 1.6mm and temperature of 75" C By QAI Laboratories, U.S.A .
It also passes the ampacity non derating test, salt water exposure and immersion test in addition to being a rodent proof coating meeting LEED Requirement.
* 600 - 700% typical intumescent expansion after 10 minutes exposure to 870:deg. Cent
* Fire rates cables up to 90 minutes at 750t.
* Non - toxic/ Non- hazardous
* Light weight, thin film 2 coat application
* Permanent cost-effective solution
* Zero maintenance required
* Solvent mercury and asbestos free
* Highly flexible in cured form
* 100% UVstableand certified
* Non- corrosive
* Nigh resistance to chemicals and acids