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Fire Fighting Vehicle

We deals in numerous style specificationsfire vehicles, our vary of vehicles embrace Water Tender, Medium Water / Foam Tender, &we also deals with fire vehicles like Water Bouser, DCP Tender , Foam Tender and Emergency Rescue Tender.
Small Fire Tender
The small fireplace Tender is that the ancient vehicle of the fireplace service. This vehicle carries 1800 ltrs. of water, and is fitted with a 2225 LPM multi-pressure pump and high hose reel system. We also deals with other fire vehicles.
A crew of up to six firefighters as well as driver could also be carried.

Fire Vehicles
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Medium Fire Tender

Our Foam Tenders provides protect Refineries, Fuel Yank, Petro-Chemical Plants, Stores and alternative form of facilities. Using this fire vehicle fire crew can control the fire safety system in buildings. On the market in numerous capacities, these Industrial Foam Tender area unit based mostly usually on a high performance significant duty chassis like Scania, Mercedes Benz, or Volvo.

Water Tender

We deals in Water Tenders which will be utilized clean highways when collisions, chemical accidents, or pump water in floods. This fire vehicle has fire sprinkler system these tenders are generally used when there is not a working fire hydrant within reach of other fire equipment. Our water tenders operate severally and area unit capable of drafting water from a hydrant, stream, lake etc.
Carrying Capacity- a thousand gallons (approx. 3800 liters) or a lot of.

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Fire Vehicles - 4

Water Bouser

We deals in Water Bouser that’s utilized in cases of enormous fires, as its primary role is to induce giant quantities of water for fighting with fire to completely different locations, to produce water to completely different fire fighting vehicles , or to act as a static emergency water.
Carrying capacity- close to 5000 liters