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Fire Suppression system for kitchens


Danger of fire peril ends up being risky in the cutting edge business kitchen. Fire in kitchen is commonly because of consuming of oil. Anyway oil and fats consume at moderately high temperature and subsequently once they burst into flames, dousing them is troublesome. Open flares, super hot cooking surfaces and a vigorously oil loaded condition help the kitchen fire to spread rapidly and proven to be very difficult to extinguish. With the aim to protect modern kitchens from such risks we provide solutions for KITCHEN FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM.

Approved LPCB Framework Design

– The Kitchen Fire Suppression System is intended to give fire insurance in hoods and pipes of cooking apparatuses for cafés and restaurant.
– The fundamental framework comprises of wet operator tank encased in a chamber mounting box, Temperature Sensors, Heat detecting link, Control board, Nozzles and funneling. The framework furnishes programmed activation with a choice of being incited physically through a remote manual force station.
– Additional types of gear, for example, remote manual force station, mechanical and electrical gas valves, pressure switches, electrical switches and embellishments, for example, cautions, notice lights, etc.can be coordinated with the framework.
– As the fire is recognized Control Panel initiates the wet operator tank and wet specialist is released dousing the fire. Single and Multi Wet Agent tank framework is accessible as per hood size of kitchen.
– The framework is created by the NFPA, LPCB and UL and other security Standards. It very well may be generally utilized in the Kitchens ofthe Hotels, Institutes, Restaurants, and Schools and so forth.
– Frameworks accessible in restrictive ceaseless straight sensor tube, Heat sensor, mechanical or electronic framework.

System Operation:

The System suppresses fire by spraying LOW pH Liquid Fire Suppressant on the hood region, the channels, cooking surfaces, and the fumes pipe framework with a foreordained currently rate. At the point when the fluid operator is released onto a cooking machine fire, it cools the oil surface, and responds With the hot oil shaping a layer of cleanser like froth on the outside of the fat This layer goes about as protection between the hot oil and the atmosphere, in this manner serving to preve nt the break of combustible vapors.

  1. Quick & Easy installation directly above high-risk cooking areas : The flexible sensor tubing is easily installed directly inside the extractor hood – directly above cooking areas„ When in service, the conduit is pressurized With dry element to sixteen bar, The dynamics Of pressurization create the conduit a lot of reactive to heat.
  2. Early fire detection : If a flame ignites, fire heat causes the pressurized Sensor tube to burst at the hottest spot which is (approx. 175’C).
  3. Instant suppression : The sudden tube depressurization actuates the special pressure differential valve and instantly floods the cooking area with Class F extinguishing agent. The fireplace is quickly suppressed simply moments once it began minimizing injury and time period.
    * Effective security of kitchen hood and multiple cooking zones
    * Linear recognition provides more extensive location inclusion
    * Protects little, medium and huge business kitchen switch just one framework.
Fire Suppression System
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Electrical Panel Suppression System

A Complete Detection And Suppression System For Electrical Cabinets

*Easy/Flexible installation,
*Quick & Effective concealment.
* Highly Non-DependabIe, No EIectricity or moving parts required Linear warmth recognition tube sense rage anyplace the whole length of fire discovery tube System initiates naturally.

Reduces Even The Most Critical Electrical Fire Risks :

* Quick & simple installation directly within electrical cabinets : The versatile detector conduit is definitely put in within the electrical cabinet-directly on top of the wires AND gate wherever a fireplace may begin. once in commission, the conduit is controlled with dry N to sixteen bar. The dynamics of pressurization make the tubing more reactive to heat.
* Early fireplace detection : If a flame-up happens, the warmth of the fireplace causes the controlled detector tube to burst at the most popular spot (approx. one one OOC)

* Instant suppression : The sudden tube depressurization actuates the special pressure differential valve and instantly floods the entire cabinet area with C02 extinguishing agent. The fire is quickly suppressed just moments after it began minimizing damage and down time.
* Safe on : machine as it uses clean agent like NOVOC 1230/FM200 .

It has 2 type of suppression system :

* Direct suppression – In the direct system at the time of fire the heat sensitive polymer tubing attached to the fire sense system itself burst at particular temperature foaming a small nozzle and from this nozzle the clean agent extinguishi ng is released flooding the localised area and instantly douses the fire.Application areas – for example, electrical boards, server rack,

* Indirect — in the indirect system heat sensitive polymer cubing acts only as a detection device. in this method at the time offire heat sensitive polymer tubing attached to the fire sense system detects the fire and the operates the fire sense system valve and the extinguishing is delivered through steel pipes and entire area is flooded through nozzles attachedto the pipes.

Application area – An indirect release system is typically used in larger areas that require a high volume of extinguishing agents to suppress the fire effectively, , Data centre, CNC Machine, Whole Electrical Rack, Large area.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

Clean Agent Fire Suppression System On Equipment :-




NOVEC 1230

This System is expected to forestall or stifle fires naturally in no time, where there is electrical or touchy electronic gear serving a basic activity, the loss of which would not exclusively be the estimation of the hardware yet in addition the expense of business interference, for example, brought about by harm.

How Water Less Fire Suppression Systems Work

Clean operator fire concealment frameworks usually incorporate three key components:

* warning gadgets,

* control board

* smoke alarms.

The smoke alarms are the main line of barrier and initiate the control board when smoke is recognized. The control board at that point reaches out to the warning gadgets and through to the channeling to start discharging the water less operator into explicit areas. Tenants will see and hear the dynamic warning gadgets and know thatthe fire concealment operator will discharge soon

Application Area : Clean Agent Fire Suppression is an appropriate specialist for regularly consumed spaces. FM200 fire concealment frameworks are ordinarily utilized in:

* DATA Centers Rooms

* Telecommunication offices

* UPS Rooms

* Medical offices

* Industries

Benefits Of Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

* Employee Protection
* Quick Response
* Minimal Damage
* Safe for sensitive devices

System And Solutions We Offer

* Gas based Fire Suppression System (FM 200/NAF S125/NOVEC 1230/IG541/ARGONITE/CO2) Quick Detection and Suppression System for kitchens, Industries etc.

* Passive re Protection/ Fire Stopping Solution.

* Foam Fire Suppression System .

* Medium /High Velocity Water Spray System .

* Automatic Hydrant, Sprinkler and Fire Alarm & Detection Systems.

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