Achyuta Fire Safety


Best Fire Fighting Contractor in Odisha

Achyuta Fire safety services provide a wide and adequate range of SERVICES to our clients. We keep adding innovative updates to our machines, systems and facilities to keep them tech savvy and ready to use.You are at the right place if you are searching for fire security urgently, or in search of fire safety consultant in Bhubneswar. We are providing facilities to people in Bhubaneswar and we are also targeting whole Odisha. Here you can directly contact us because we are well known and established fire fighting contractors in Odisha.We the team of ACHYUTA FIRE SAFETY will make sure that you get proper guidance for being ready to handle fire calamities.

The perk of Achyuta fire safety services is that they come at an affordable price and can be adapted by all. We understand how important it is to stay updated and keep our residence area safe from any disastrous incident. It is equally important to stay prepared if such situations occur as it is always safe to take action today than to regret tomorrow. And we, at Achyuta fire safety, provide all these essential services and to the best Possible measure.

Our services are provided to all places and complexes including corporate offices, multi-storey buildings, industrial houses, banks and hotels. Our experts visit the place beforehand and take note of the structure, room, floors and other essential details. Furthermore, they prepare a layout to install equipment and safety devices at all required places.We also have a different team of experts to install and configure these devices as it takes in-depth knowledge and skill. The maintain period is also taken care of by this team and the whole package comes at an affordable price. We make sure our services are worth every penny that our clients spend on them.

Passive Protection System/Fire Stopping

Prevent fire and smoke from spreading through.

Fire Suppression System

Prevent or extinguishes fire automatically within seconds.

Nitrogen Injection Fire Protection System [Transformer]

Prevent transformer from explosion.

Fire Hydrant And Sprinkler System

Provides water supply through pipes & water spray through sprinkler.

Annual Maintenance Contract [AMC]

Inspection of whole fire system.

Fire Vehicles

Fire engine designed primarily for fire-fighting operations.

Why Choose Us ?

Timely Service

Achyuta fire safety services are ready to help and support at the earliest. We wait for none after receiving a call of help from any remote or local area or cities like Bhubaneswar. For this reason, we keep our systems ready for use and our workers ready for action.

Never compromise on Quality

Because we are the best fire safety consultants, our main priority is customer’s satisfaction and safety. It’s our driving force which urges us to do better each day. We feel delighted to say that we have never failed the trust of our clients by providing questionable services, we make sure everything is top-notch and adequate.

Satisfied Customers

We have laid the first brick of our company by the intention of providing quality services and to satisfy the client on the other side of the table. Our dedication towards this cause has led us to work harder and never leave our clients unsatisfied.

Branded Fire Safety Products

Our safety products are accredited from renowned brands. At a place where fire has broken out, we cannot afford to use faulty machines and products. As many lives are at stake, we make sure to use the best of products at these sites.

Trained Experts

At Achyuta Fire safety services, we use machines and systems like hydraulic pumps, spray dispersals and other high-tech essentials. These machines require trained people to operate them and we make sure to hire experienced and smart experts for this task. If needed we provide multiple steps training to make the team expert.

Long Lasting Solutions

Our engineers and technicians provide solutions to safeguard buildings and houses from such harsh situations. They offer layout of all essential equipment and must-haves along with guidance and know-how information. We also take fire fighting contracts to make our services available for lifetime.