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In the multi-storey buildings we live, eat, visit or study, all are in a constant and potential threat of fire breakout. This incidents can never be predicted however, they can surely be controlled and refrained. This is where Fire Safety kicks in.  Nowadays, it isn’t a choice to equip a building or a house with fire safety services and regulations, it is a mandatory part of your living. As mandatory it is to install lights, fans and air conditioners, it is same for the fire safety services.

Fire safety is a much wider term that what it seems, it includes the regulations and services which are applicable in a place before, during and after a fire breaks out. At Achyuta fire safety services which has now been termed as the best fire safety consultants in Bhubaneswar,  we encourage to install Fire safety services and equipments in all workplaces, buildings, schools and houses because it causes permanent damage to the place, people and property.  And if it’s a workplace, the complete foundation of the company deteriorates to square 1. The employees, assets and many offices or factories burn down to ashes and dust, it imposes unparalleled harm to every individual who is linked to it.

Fire safety services are rooted from the main causes of fire and it’s basic properties. To prevent situations like such, it is important to keep the source of ignition and fuel apart at all causes.  This is because the main cause of a fire breaking out is when heat comes in contact with a fuel. In cases of a huge building, the fuel in store is usually large and in great amount. This is why even a spark or flame of fire can cause a huge problem.

Achyuta fire safety service conducts the second step to ensure the kind of services which are required in a building or a work place is to run a fire safety risk assessment. This is why our collaborative company is also considered as the best fire Safety company in Odisha.

The following pointers are included when a tests conducted in a building or workplace-

  1. To ensure escape gateways and channels. Including doors or windows. It must be noted to never have an emergency door or window which needs A KEY to open. In case of emergency windows, it must be considered that it is wide enough for a person to crawl out of it. The window should be openable from the inside as well as outside.
  2. A place should be discussed where people can meet outside the place where the fire has broken out. It is highly appreciated if all emergency doors and windows open to a same place, if not exactly then near around each other.
  3. Fire alarms and detection systems. It is noted that mostly fire breaks out between the time period of 11 PM and 7 AM. When the residents are asleep. To avoid casualties, it is essential to install fire alarms to create alert and awareness. The alarms should be able to detect smoke or potential flames properly.
  4. Dangerous substances which can further fuel the fire more should be stored carefully. This is a huge preventive step which must be followed at all buildings.
  5. Fire evacuation plan. When a building is being constructed or designed, Achyuta fire safety services provide it’s role by preparing a plan of action hand in hand.  An evacuation plan should be designed, implemented and most importantly, explained to the residents of the building.  This will help them in being prepared to take action and execute the evacuation plan without getting panicked.
  6. Fire safety training. In workplaces, offices or factories, it is essential for all workers to go through fire safety training. The training helps them to recognize fire hazards, conduct the fire safety risk assessment, control the fire and know how to react during a fire hazard. As situations can get worse due to panic and unawareness of the call of action, Fire safety training is a mandatory process.

When thinking about the various fire extinguisher companies in Bhubaneswar, The Achyuta fire safety services click in our minds as a company which has excelled in providing these services and fire safety risk assessment. We are a name which is known to identify, prevent and control fire hazards in the high-tech buildings surrounding the whole of Bhubaneswar and Odisha. Our track record of providing high-quality and fruitful services in this field is the sole reason of our acclamation.

Below is a more about our fool-proof and responsive network of fire safety.


  • Our network contains extinguishers, fire alarms and detection systems, hydrants and sprinklers, smoke detection, fire safety plans, emergency exits, evacuation plans, and fire safety training.
  • Different places and environments require a different set of fire safety services to be installed. Achyuta fire safety services studied the structure of the building, workplace, or house and then come up with the appropriate call of action. For instance, where to place the fire extinguisher depends on many factors including the floors, rooms, or width of the building. They are best placed where people can reach out to them easily. This is taken care of by our team of technicians, their constant and potential efforts have created us as the best fire extinguisher company in Bhubaneswar.
  • We provide both wet sprinkler systems and dry sprinkler systems according to the location and the requirements.
  • Our fire safety devices and equipment including audible devices for the staff to converse and execute a collaborative evacuation plan, proper exit lighting, doors, and windows are root ways to prevent loss of lives and control the situation at hand.
  • Our team of technicians provides the service of annual inspection of fire Safety services to ensure the proper functioning and to maintain any faults that the system might have. It includes precise detection of each element that is included in a fire safety network. Like checking the nozzles of fire Extinguishers, going through the evacuation plan, and confirming whether the exit doors and windows are fully functional.

Achyuta fire safety services have emerged as one of the best fire safety consultants in Odisha. Its network of fire safety services has gained the trust and confidence of its clients and that is all the push it needs to provide the best of services to them and continue saving lives from the cruelty of a fire hazard.

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