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Each day is a fresh start, and a clean slate for us to sketch our experiences on. But some days are more than that, they bring about difficult situations and tests for us and leave with a baggage of lessons and regrets. But it’s always in us to choose what we want to keep, the lessons or the regrets.

Similar is the case with fire hazards and incidents, the days which are marked by any such incident bring about remorse and loss but they should be ended by figuring out where we got wrong. What is it that lacked in our fire safety services and network which caused a disaster to take place. It’s not just fate which causes these incidents, it is an effect of errors as well. To learn these lessons and causes of these incidents, implementing these improvisations in our call of actions and executing them thereon is our win. Achyuta fire safety services have adopted this technique in its functioning and for that it is termed as the best firefighting company in Bhubaneswar.

Fire hazards and incidents can be caused by miscellaneous mistakes and unawareness. Over years of serving our clients and their lives by providing appropriate layout of fire safety services in their houses, workplaces, or buildings, we have learnt that the following are some of the mistakes that people do. These mistakes emerge as a huge consequence and can cause lots of damage –

1. In houses, homemakers must make sure that they never leave cooking unattended. Majority of fires in houses stem from the kitchens. The part of the house which feeds us shouldn’t turn out to be the part which harms us. Do not keep deep fryers or other frying equipment switched on for long time. Stay near the stove till the food is getting cooked to avoid forgetting about it.
2. To avoid home fire deaths, one should make sure to not use portable and fixed space heaters as they add up in the cause of home fires.
3. To be on the safer side, all houses should have an evacuation plan to leave the house within minutes if a fire breaks out. Achyuta fire safety services being the best fire fighting company in Bhubaneswar makes sure to prepare houses with a fool proof formula and plan. It will keep the residents prepared and they will know about all basic know-hows and how-to in case a fire breaks out in the house.
4. Make sure to do grilling and barbequing of food items somewhere in the lawn or an open area outside the main living area. It can be done in the backyard as well. As grilling machines take time and induce a huge amount of heat, it is risky to place them inside the house as it can touch any surface like the curtains, sheets or clothes and catch fire.
5. Avoid smoking inside the premises in of houses. We would encourage not smoking at all but if that’s difficult, people must ensure to not smoke inside the house as sometimes, even half burnt cigarettes can cause the house to lit up in fire.
6. Install fire Extinguisher and fire detection alarms in every floor of your house if there are multiple floors. Achyuta fire safety company is known for its high quality and responsive fire detection systems incorporated in houses, these systems detect smokes and flames from a considerable distance and set the house on alert by its sharp pitched alarms. Furthermore, the residents can follow the evacuation plan and fight the fire by assistance of the best fire safety company in Bhubaneswar.

Secondly, electric malfunctions and mistakes are also a potential cause of fire in houses as well as workplaces. The Achyuta fire company have noticed that the following mistakes caused huge losses in fire hazards:

1. Make sure that your electricity network is installed and managed by a qualified electrician. There are many people who say they are well versed and qualified but in reality, they are just random people with inadequate knowledge of electric networks and circuits.
2. Run your house through an annual inspection of both, electric and fire safety networks. This hand in hand process will help in eliminating any future possibilities of disasters. A good and functional fire safety network brings along a sense of relief. The technicians at Achyuta fire safety company provide annual maintenance program to combat fire incidents in an affordable and feasible manner.
3. Remember to pay attention on the number of devices connected to a single socket. Overloading of electric circuits and sockets can trip a breaker and cause house fires. And for those who don’t know, electricity fires are the most difficult ones to control and fight. There have been many cases in the country and in Bhubaneswar as well, where electricity fires have caused loss of lives and properties. But it is the Supreme trust of people in the best fire fighting company in Bhubaneswar to handle this situation with the best of our knowledge and services.
4. A minor yet potential mistake that people do is to fit bulbs exceeding the wattage limit of lamps. Make sure that the lamps have bulbs suiting their limits otherwise it can heat up and explode. This can cause fire to break out in the house.

It is disappointing to note the number of fire hazards taking places in every other house due to the lack of plan and precautions. Achyuta fire safety company is playing it’s part to make people aware of the damage a fire can cause. Every year, around $7 billion of property damage is done by fire hazards and a concerning number of people lose their lives. We can no longer term this as fate, it’s our errors and lack of action as well.

Take this day as a new lesson and a fresh start, learn about fire safety services and networks that Achyuta fire safety company provide. Adapt these measures and basic know-hows to safeguard your life, your family and your belongings.

Join hands with us to defeat fire and to be prepared in difficult situations.

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