Achyuta Fire Safety

About Us

We are a service and solutions provider of passive fire protection systems committed to saving property and lives from the danger of fire. Our MAIN PURPOSE is to provide additional time in a fire situation to exit a building and extra time for firefighters to do their job before the fire spreads. We provide accepted quality passive fire products. The Scope of Services we provide in Engineering Projects is full-fledged and extremely Value-added realistic solutions both technically and economically. Our engineers are experts in the field of passive fire systems and are trained to provide solutions to any passive-fire requirement.

We defeat fire and heat, and it’s the tenacity to save lives and property!

At Achyuta fire safety we provide firefighting services in Bhubaneswar and whole over Odisha. we culminate the best of minds to form a company that pools in ideas, efforts, and innovation with the intention of helping the ones who seek fire safety.

The building hands of our company have brought into existence highly functional fire protection systems. They are tailor-made to blow out the harshest of fires while our heroes plan and execute the safe escape of refugees. This process works in a collaborative manner and goes hand in hand, our primary motive is to save lives and control fire to cause the least possible damage to property and essential property.

Why We Should Use Passive Fire Protection ?

  • Buy time for the occupants to Escape.
  • Buy time for the fire fighting services to safely enter and you to escape.
  • Give added benefits such as thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Minimize rebuild costs, and facilitate quick business recovery and continuity.

We fetch out people whose worth ethic and ideas match with ours, the engineers at Achyuta fire safety services help in providing technology-induced ways to defeat the cruelty of fire. Being a fire fighting contractor in Odisha having head branch at Bhubaneswar we can definitely announce that our systems have never failed us and nor has our belief in what we do. We are ever ready to reach and help places caught by fire and we do all of that by a single call. Our solutions to all possible consequences emerging at a place of action are led effectiveness and ease.

Below is a detailed analysis of the Vision & Mission which is also our driving force.

What Makes Us Your Best Choice ?

  • Quality Assurance – Quality is the main priority we give to our customers. Products we deal are all certified according to the respective laws of product quality.
  • Life and Property Safety with long-lasting solutions – We are committed to maintaining and upholding international safety and quality practices according to the respective the product we deal on the installation of systems.
  • Trained Expert – As life Safety Is first. We have highly technical experienced expertise in passive fire systems and solutions on which you can trust on the solution we provide.
  • Things you should know – Fire Rating is assigned to a SYSTEM rather than a PRODUCT / ELEMENT individually. It is defined in Minutes- 30, 60,120min etc.

Our Vision & Mission

Our mission is to deliver fire safety solutions ensuring life and property safety without affecting the continuity of work. Saving life and customer satisfaction is our mission and vission of company.

Core Values

  • Honesty and Integrity.
  • Gives incident-free outcomes.
  • Build long-term relationships founded on trust, respect and responsibilities.
  • Quality and Superior Customer Service.

Our Goal

  • Giving additional time to exit from fire situation
  • Life Safety
  • Property Protection
  • Continuity of Operations